Tebo teacher boards

Manage your teaching content and share with teachers and students

Become a superhero teacher

  • Organize all your digital teaching items, such as files, links and exercises in one place
  • Create engaging interactive learning items that students can solve via smart devices
  • See what other teachers are doing and be inspired by their content collections
  • You can also share your content with teachers and acquire followers


Be organized

Collect all your teaching materials – documents, presentations, videos, games, links and more. Everything is in one place, accessible from any device.

Be awesome

Sure students like to solve quizzes and games in smartphones and tablets. Tebo makes it easy for you to create these and add to your content.

Be inspired

Browse the profiles of other teachers, acquire new ideas from their presentations, videos or games, or simply save your favorites and use them in your class.
Build better connections

Build better connections

Saving time on evaluation process allows you to spend more time communicating and connecting with your students.
Engage your students

Engage your students

Young people are fond of digital devices - inspire and engage your students by providing futuristic learning items and innovative learning experiences.
Grow your student’s learning motivation

Grow your student’s learning motivation

Provide your students voluntarily used learning items - not to be assessed, but just for self-control and inspiration to boost learning interest and motivation.
Have your Tebo PA always </br>with you

Have your Tebo PA always
with you

Create your digital portfolio online to be accessed from every digital device whenever you need.

Everything you need to simplify your work
and engage your students in one place

Peter Rafferty

Peter Rafferty

Primary School Teacher, Google Certified Educator, Euneos Technology Coach and Intel Education Visionary

"Tebo is a great platform for teachers. It saves time and engages students. Using Tebo is very easy and intuitive for all teachers."



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